Saturday, August 27, 2011

Purusartha and Project Management

Am blogging after a long time... more into twitter as I have to write less than 140 characters making life simple

Today I was reading about Purusartha or Human Purpose or aim or end
As per our great religion human purpose are four fold
Dharma - righteousness or right action
Artha - perusit of meaning or purpose
Kama - pleasure
Moksha - liberation

When thinking through this I realised that Project Management was all about Purusartha. These tenets can be applied to project management. Am making a start at doing it
Dharma - Right Action - Activities or Tasks we do to complete a project incl Governacnce
Artha - Purpose - Milestones or goals towards which we do dharma. Actions without a Purpose has no meaning
Kama - Pleasure - We all need to derive pleasure in doing Action with a Purpose. Celebrate success
Moksha - Liberation - Go-live or attaining completion of project whereby we all receive our liberation.. to start the cycle of Dharma to Moksha again...

Only difference is that for a project manager, there is no Moksha

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