Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Project Management with a Twist

Project Management has never been hotter … and its going to heat up even more. As businesses move to a time when change is no longer the exception but the rule, Project Management will become a core competence of most firms. As a Project Management professional, you can be in the catbird seat in determining your value to your company and to your career. But it’s Project Management with a twist.

Project Management can be applied to a variety of business problems whose solution requires the organization to do things differently. Competent Project Management, however, is just the “ticket to play,” not “all you will need.” Competent Project Management must be extended into new territory … and you can do it … if you appreciate and integrate the following factors into your change projects:

  1. Resonance … your project must “ring true” with the business; your project (and therefore your work) must be logically and visually connected to company goals/plan/strategy/vision. Your project language must be aligned with the business words used to run the company
  1. Synchronicity … your project must “align with business cycle times” and with top management’s event horizon … e.g., projects with quarterly milestones don’t work well in a company that thinks in months
  1. Flexibility … your project will need to flex around business “energy;” Top management energy moves around like a spotlight on a stage. You must follow the light to the degree possible to stay attached to the energy flow
  1. Emotional impact … your project must create a “visceral reaction;” Emotion brings energy, motivation, and morale to both project team and stakeholders. Being able to tell an emotional story about the reason for your project is critical
  1. Packaging of the Project…Your project (and you) must be “business attractive.” You should look like you are in business and in the business of Project Management. The dot.com look is dead … or you are. Your space must be as good as the best in your company

The future of PM is unlimited … but PM must be powerfully supplemented with business savvy … and a twist!



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