Monday, February 22, 2010

What change management topics would be of interest to C-level managers?

This blog is based on discussions on the topic posted by Dot Olonovich on “I'm doing some research. Many CEOs believe that change management takes place at the project level. What change management topics would be of interest to C-level managers?” in Linkedin Change Management Network community.

At senior levels, change topics could include:
Developing a new direction - e.g. a new strategy/values/culture.

Planning to implement a strategy.

Developing an infrastructure to deal with future changes - quickly and efficiently, whilst changing a culture and developing leaders. e.g. a change agent network

Senior leaders must focus on the people and cultural aspects of change. The third area I want to highlight is oversight. Senior leaders are responsible for governance: having the appropriate individuals, structures, and decision-making processes in place to make sound decisions

We have identified fifteen major risks to the successful execution of strategic change. To successfully execute strategic change, senior leaders must be attentive to all of these risks. With your passion for organizational change, I recommend the change thinking blog:

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